About Champ

Champ Napier, a native of one of the poorest cities on the United States Prichard Al.He witness the death of his father at a young age ,drop out of school at age 15,partake in a life of crime which resulted to Champ being sentenced to life in prison for 1st murder and 7 years at age 18,after nearly fifteen years in prison Champ has denounced his past,he’s now committed to uplifting his community and beyond.

2015 Champ became the 1st person in the state of Alabama to receive a pardon.Champ has also published two books (poverty and prision & servant of the people) in his free time he mentor youth,speaks at schools, churches etc as a afford to educate the people on the social inequities that a destroying the undeserved community…As the young people say Mr Champ is Real!!!